What is Hashtag Hijacking?

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“I think we have a few things going for us that distinguish us from other services,” said Jeff Velis, vice president of operations in an email interview. “Not only do we write the releases, but we work with the business on developing press campaigns, which can be anywhere from one release to several over 6 months or even one year, making sure that their news gets out to the media.” What the Service Provides “A lot of small businesses don’t think they have news, but everyone has news and we at the NALA help them find that news and develop their story,” Velis explained. “We also don’t stop once the release has been distributed, but we follow up with the media outlets targeted and then will work them on behalf of the client,” he said. “Sometimes this can be answering follow up questions, sending additional images or even setting up an interview or photo shoot.” The NALA charges between $725 per release (if you buy six releases), up to $995 for a single release. There is also a $195 “editorial fee” added to each campaign. Releases are delivered to online news outlets and social media.
This article has been curated from NALA Introduces Press Release Service for Small Businesses

 Instead of being used for positive sentiment, it is used for attacks on the business, or in a sarcastic or snarky way. One of the most notorious business situations of hashtag hijacking happened to McDonald’s. In early 2012 the fast food giant started a hashtag campaign called #McDStories. Although they sent out just a few tweets using the hashtag #McDStories, the public soon started using the hashtag  – in ways McDonald’s never expected.
This article has been curated from What is Hashtag Hijacking?


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