Need Some Help Ot- Need Computer Repair


I have a Gateway desktop that developed problems after a power glitch. It is now occasionally giving me a blue screen of death. Any recommendations as to where to get it serviced. Anyone here able to help. Thanks.
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Coinx Is A New Bitcoin Exchange That Actually Takes Financial Compliance Seriously


The company makes its money by charging a small percentage of the total transaction and it’s reasonable as could be. Anyone buying 500 Bitcoins or fewer is only charged a 0.3% fee, and with a Bitcoin’s value holding around at $127 at the time of this writing, that’s the only fee  Given that CoinX is a money market in its own right, it only makes sense that it relies on some heavy-duty strategies to operate securely. In this case, it’s the NYSE’s defense in depth strategy : The CoinX platform utilizes the same hosting facility and corresponding security protocols as the New York Stock Exchange. It is registered with the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and is fully compliant in the jurisdictions that it trades. The company is actively working with regulatory authorities across the United States to secure money transmitter licenses in all 50 states. In simpler terms, startup Bitcoin exchange CoinX operates on some of the same technologies that keep that financial powerhouse called the New York Stock Exchange in running order, and it does so while following all the rules. CoinX and the NYSE are so closely linked that the NYSE logo appears on some CoinX marketing. Who knows how long until we can pump our Bitcoins from CoinX directly into the NYSE’s more classical financial machinery?
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“If we raise $20,000 I’ll shave my head at the end of Movember. If we raise $30,000 I’ll wear a mohawk and if we raise $40,000, I’ll wear a blue mohawk.” They raised $43,000, and on December 1, the whole company gathered around to watch Farquhar get his head shaved and dyed. He forgot about one thing though. That night, Atlassian was invited to a nationwide awards ceremony, with the Prime Minister in attendance.
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A Pussy Riot Of The High Seas?

To be sure, nations often publicly accused their enemies of piracy – the U.S. in the Quasi-War constantly denounced aggressive French privateering as “piracy.” In the Civil War, President Lincoln also called the obviously-unrecognized Confederate privateers as pirates. But in these cases the matter would almost never proceed from propaganda to prosecution.
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The Republicans have already  forgotten :
Sometimes fights become so intense and so tangled that the original cause becomes obscured. In the government funding battle, the issue that sparked it all, Obamacare, was no longer center stage less than 24 hours after the shutdown began. The fight is now about the shutdown itself, and Obamacare has been pushed to the side.
This incredible quote says it all:
“We’re not going to be disrespected,” conservative Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-Ind., added. “We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”

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