DRUDGE: There’s About To Be A Huge Shakeup At Fox News


Christie is the most prominent Republican politician who is bucking the party on the issue. But a lot of commentators (e.g. Jonathan Chait ) have been under the misimpression that he’s rejecting the expansion. That’s probably because they saw headlines like this Reuters one from June: “New Jersey’s Christie Vetoes Medicaid Expansion Bill.” Here’s what happened. Christie included the Medicaid expansion in his 2013-14 budget, which passed. Then the Democratic-controlled legislature passed another bill to make the expansion permanent. Christie opposes this. He wants to reauthorize the expansion annually in the state budget, thus reserving the option to stop participating if the federal government cuts its financial support of the program. So he vetoed the bill.
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But the network has always been high on Kelly. That goes especially for CEO and chairman Roger Ailes, who announced last month Kelly’s move from a the 1-3 p.m. ET slot to a to-be-determined primetime role  upon her return from maternity leave. At the 21st Century Fox investor conference in Los Angeles, Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto asked Ailes about the rumors during an interview. “Well, generally I don’t confirm or deny any rumors – that’s a rumor at the moment. However, Megyn has earned a better time period,” Ailes said. “She’ll be in our primetime lineup, but I must quickly say that all of our stars will be back.” The question, then, is what becomes of the other anchors who currently make up Fox’s primetime lineup?
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Nearly 100mph From An RC Car

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Posted on: Aug 07, 2013 | 15,652 reads
Nearly 100mph From An RC Car
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That’s pretty damn fast for a toy.
If you ever doubted that 1/8 scale model RC cars were serious business, we present to you the following video as evidence that they indeed are. Appropriately, it is a model of a McLaren F1, and although we aren’t exactly experts in these sorts of vehicles, we can tell you that it has a 2200kv motor. It’s running a full scale drag strip, but is too small to trip the strip’s sensors, so the numbers we see for the car all come from the car itself.
Ultimately, aerodynamics prove to be a major problem, and the car does some flips. We’re guessing that these were never intended to go quite so fast, and the bodies might not be perfect copies of their big brothers.
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Multiplier maths


If all went well, asset purchases would cease only by the middle of 2014… The Fed this week linked the current round of asset purchases to the achievement of economic goals rather than a specific date or programme size as it had in the past. QE would continue, it said, until the outlook for the labour market had improved “substantially”. In his press conference Mr Bernanke clarified what that meant: a drop in the unemployment rate to about 7%.
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They examined several European countries and showed that fiscal multipliers are substantially higher than previously assumed. Previous IMF studies had assumed multipliers of roughly 0.5. In other words, a €1 injection of government money into the economy would only have a net benefit of 50 centimes. By contrast, Messrs Blanchard and Leigh found that the actual multipliers in the early years of the crisis were “substantially above 1”.
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